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Keyword-List-Builder is a great little tool for fetching and collating keyword information from Overture's Keyword Inventory website.

The tool gathers keyword lists from Overture's site and merges them into a single list sorted by keyword popularity.

Just type in one or more keywords to generate a list of related phrases sorted by popularity. This tool makes it really easy to do quick and free keyword research. It's so easy you can use it every time you have to choose a title for an article or web page!

The Keyword tool does not require installation and can be uses directly from a flash drive or from a utilities folder

Keyword-List-Builder is very compact (~236 kb) and contains no adware or spyware.

How to use Keyword-List-Builder

Just type a few keywords you wish to explore in the edit box (separate keywords with commas) and hit 'enter'. Then sit back and wait (it can take 15-20 seconds and sometimes you'll need to try twice). Keyword-List-Builder goes out and fetches related keyword phrases with keyword popularity statistics for each -- then compiles the phrase lists together into one cool popularity-sorted list.!

Once the list is compiled, pay close attention to the popularity slope indicated by the search count column. This can give you important insights into the potential traffic surrounding each phrase.

That's it! It's simple but very important. Stop keyword guessing and use real statistics to build your SEO plan! Good luck!

How to Choose the best Keyword Phrase

The rule is simple: don't choose a keyword phrase that is too popular or one that is to obscure. If you choose one that is too popular, you'll be unable to compete and thus get no traffic -- while if you choose one that's too obscure, you'll never get much traffic no matter what.

Ok, I'm just having fun -- go ahead and find out how I solve this problem: it's my approach to building a Keyword Marketing Ladder.

Keyword planning is the first step in achieving subject-clarity in the mind of the search engines. Make sure to check out our Ecommerce SEO Checklist to see where keyword planning fits into your search strategy.

Download Keyword-List-Builder >>>

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