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Ezine Designer Ecommerce Email Marketing Service

Easily create your own automated Email Revenue Engine to convert casual visitors into repeat customers.

We'll help you convert your visitors into a powerful revenue stream. Our ecommerce software is the cutting edge in ease and power. It takes just minutes to create your own cash-generating autoresponders and ezines.

It's very simple: If you are not using ezines and auto-responders then your business is leaving a huge pile of cash on the table. You need to sign up now and start generating additional revenue. It's simple, easy and affordable!

If you are already using ezines and autoresponders, we can dramatically boost your revenue through significantly higher delivery rates and powerful ecommerce email analysis tools to increase sales. We are the cutting edge of ecommerce email services.

Our tools are unique and centered on delivering revenue. Just think of us this way: we'll be your competitive advantage!


Three EZ Ways We'll Increase your Revenue:

automated split testing

Boost Revenue with fully automated E/Z split-testing!

Provide many subject lines and let our system automatically carry out market tests to determine which will actually result in the highest open rate - completely automated - guaranteed to have a dramatic impact on your earnings!

Our split testing is automated and easy - easier by far and more profitable then the old guessing game! Stop guessing and start boosting your income with automated split testing!

Cart-based Sales Tracking

Earn More by Understanding your Customer's Purchasing Behavior!

Now your newsletters and autoresponders are automatically linked into your shopping cart. Of course, we already track every open and every click. But in addition, we link those clicks directly to purchases, and then show you a heat-map style report so you can visualize sales mapped onto your email message.

With a single glance you'll see exactly what worked and what did not -- making it easy to tune your message to dramatically increase profitability!

Of course we also carefully track every delivery, bounce, open, domain, forward, unsubscribe and much more! Unlike our competitors, our tracking is all centered on your profitability!

Autoresponder Tracking

EZ Autoresponder Sequences with Perfectly-Tuned Sales Pitch!

Automatic Responders should be the power train of your ecommerce machine. By integrating sales data into your autoresponders tracking, we'll help you fine-tune your response rate. In very little time you'll achieve the highest possible conversion rates -- nicely packed or "front loaded" into your initial mailings.

Each autoreponder sequence is a fine-tuned, highly effective sales path delivery mechanism. Next you can easily chain multiple autoresponders together into a powerful sales funnel -- leading each prospect through a sequence of highly-tuned buying paths.

Our tools make it easy to construct a virtual ecommerce mechanism delivering highly-targeted, highly-effective sales presentations. We'll help you create an effective autoresponder engine driving revenue to your business 24/7.

Go ahead! Start Building your Ecommerce Revenue Engine Today!

If you're serious about ecommerce then you must get serious about your email marketing infrastructure. We've created a uniquely powerful platform for ecommerce email. Go ahead and try it today!

And don't worry; we'll refund your initial payment in full if you change your mind for any reason!

Our clients are fanatically loyal because we dramatically boost their revenue! Go ahead and try our service and see for yourself

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